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有營四月: 細閱營養標籤

型網上活動,懇請 貴組織能夠大力支持和參與。



聯繫起來。 食品安全中心於4月將集中宣傳,在其Facebook (
www.facebook.com/cfs.hk) 和 Instagram (www.instagram.com/cfs.hk) 網站上推廣
有關營養標籤上「1 + 7」的運用,並發佈有趣的帖文和短片,以提高公眾對選擇健康

為了在香港推廣安全健康的飲食,我們希望  貴組織能向您的會員介紹上述活動,並


(鄭基慧     代行)

Dear Patient Groups,

Wholesome April: Read Nutrition Labels

I  am  writing  to  solicit  your  support  in  our forthcoming mini-online
campaign ‘Wholesome April’ (有營四月).

The  public  has  become  more and more health conscious with an increasing
prevalence  of  non-communicable  diseases  worldwide, leading to a growing
consumer  interest  in  healthy and nutritious food products. To be able to
make  the  right  choices,  consumers  need  to  understand the nutritional
information  shown  on  food  labels and nutrition and health claims on the
packages in order to maximise the benefits from diets.

Nutrition   labelling  is  increasingly  seen  as  an  important  tool  for
encouraging  healthier  food choices and improving health outcomes. It is a
cost-effective  way  to  convey  nutritional  information to the public, as
labels  can  aptly  allow  consumers to evaluate the nutritional value of a
food  product  fast.  Through  reading  nutrition  labels,  the  public can
understand  the  nutritional  content of food and help assess their calorie
and  nutrient intake, and compare nutritional content among different foods
to  make  healthier  choices.  To some with specific dietary needs, such as
maintaining  a  healthy  weight,  controlling  blood  cholesterol and blood
pressure,  reading  nutrition  labels  can  enable them to tailor-made food

‘Wholesome  April’ is a brand-new project that aims to connect food-related
knowledge and skills to healthy diets. In April, the Centre for Food Safety
will  boost  its  efforts  in  improving the public’s nutrition literacy of
choosing  healthy  food.  The  CFS  will  promote the use of ‘1+7’ items on
nutrition  labels on its Facebook (www.facebook.com/cfs.hk) and Instagram (
www.instagram.com/cfs.hk) pages, with interesting posts and short videos to
be  launched.  Also,  the  CFS  will  also  promote  its  Shopping  Card  (
)  that  helps the public to easily identify which prepackaged food is high
or low in total sugar, sodium and fat when reading the nutrition labels.

To  promote  a  safe  and  healthy  diet  in  Hong  Kong, we hope you could
introduce  the  above  campaign to your members, and feel free to share our
social  media  posts  wherever  appropriate. We also look forward to future
opportunities  to  join  hands  with you in implementing nutrition literacy
projects and studies.

Thank you for your support.

Yours faithfully,

for Director of Food and Environmental Hygiene